About Me

Friends often ask me what I do for a living, and my answer is invariably “internet stuff” – unless someone’s in the industry, it’s almost impossible to explain what I do! I’ve been doing “internet stuff” since 1996, from the heady days of hand-coding HTML tables to the current heady days of…hand-coding HTML tables (seriously – though this time as PHP output).

I’ve done web design, programming, SEO, online marketing, ran technology departments, worked for myself, set up affiliate programs, and worked as an affiliate. I still run my own sites, although my main focus is now working with my colleagues to provide effective Search Engine Marketing.

Here’s my brief bio, taken from a conference I spoke at here in Barcelona a few years back:

Judd graduated from Oxford University in 1993 with a degree in Engineering Science, freelanced his way through the growth of the Internet before joining on-line hotel reservations provider ActiveHotels.com as CTO in 1999. He started working in the affiliate field in 2002, launching several successful hotel portals. After an introduction to the eGaming industry acting as an SEO consultant for JuegaTuSuerte, Judd decided to experiment with building a community site. Yabadoo! was set up in 2007 on a very limited budget, using freely available open-source software.

So, that’s me – more in my CV if you want the gory details.

May you be well 🙂

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