The joys of getting older

Three old codgers comparing notes:

The 60-year-old says, “I’m fine except I have a problem with the waterworks, I keep having to get up in the night and go for a pee but there’s nothing there, and ten minutes later I need to go again, and still nothing there.”

The 70-year-old says, “Well I don’t have that problem, but I’m a martyr to Number Two, have to keep going and straining away and can’t get anything to come.”

The 80-year-old says, “Well that ain’t my problem, seven o’clock in the morning regular as clockwork, I piss like a carthorse, shit like an elephant, and that’s it for the day.”

The others ask, “So, you ain’t got any problems then? That’s good!” The old guy replies, “Sure I got a problem. I don’t wake up till eight!”

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