Guided walks in Andalucia

If you enjoy walking holidays or nature trails, I would like to suggest my uncle’s guided walking holidays in spain. He runs walking holidays and guided walks in the beautiful Lakes region of Ardales, Andalucia, in southern Spain.

This area is particularly good walking country, often compared to the English Lake District in Wordsworth’s time, before the hordes descended on it but with better weather! The bird life is excellent, including such specialties as eagles, osprey, blue rock thrush, hoopoe, pink flamingo. The history embedded in the landscape stretches from 30,000-year-old cave paintings to Mozarabic ruins.

His walks are graded according to difficulty and length, from gentle wanders on good, level paths to fairly strenuous 12-hour yomps in the mountains. Each has a different focus, e.g. flora, fauna, archaeological sites, birds etc. He’s qualified as a guide locally, and has lived there for seven years, developing a broad and intimate knowledge of the area.

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