Search Engine Optimisation

Judd Muir is a leading voice in the Barcelona Internet Marketing industry and has been recognised as one of the top SEO’s in Spain for his skills and successes.

SEO is being widely recognised as a must-have for a successful business; enabling your business to expand into new demographics that standard off-line marketing would never be able to reach. There are many empty promises out there, but you can put your trust in myself and my SEO team to produce the results for you.

Over the 9 years that we have been specialising in SEO there have been many changes to contend with. As the search engines constantly evolve and try to improve their search results for their users, the optimisation has to evolve too. One of the core skills that we have as a SEO company is the ability to see changes when they are about to happen and take necessary action.

The SEO packages that we offer are tailor-made to the individual website, and will aim to fulfill the needs and requirements of the client in terms of increasing their presence in the search engines for specific keywords or phrases. I cannot guarantee the amount of traffic that will be generated or the positions in the search engines attained, but I have a long history of impressive results in the most competitive fields, including travel and gaming.

I offer various SEO packages depending on your requirements, and also the competitiveness of the target market. These are generally based on a 12 month retainer contract. Clearly the most efficient SEO methods start from the build of the website, integrating techniques from the start, but established sites can also be optimised very effectively.

Many clients that we deal with have their own in-house development team and my role is to become their SEO consultant and build the ongoing online strategy to increase their rankings. I also have experienced developers who can make the changes required to optimise a website and implement the entire SEO on-site strategy on behalf of the client.

If you would like a free no obligation chat about what we can offer you to help with your organic rankings across the main search engines just get in touch.

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