Search Marketing

It is being widely accepted across the internet that with today’s evolving Search Engines you can not rely entirely on one method of traffic generation, without putting in place secondary back ups. SEO certainly has the best ROI, but a well-managed PPC campaign will bring in extra traffic to see you through Google’s ups and downs.

Myself and my search marketing team are experts in offering you a complete package to bring added value to your company, allowing you to maximise the return on investment for your marketing budget. Search Marketing can cover Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click, Paid Inclusion, Viral Marketing, Social Media Marketing as well and many other methods to promote a website online.

The traffic, in terms of lead generation or potential customers that are driven to a site, from organic traffic will differ in quality from the type of traffic that you can drive to a site via Pay per Click methods. Often PPC campaigns are only used initially while the organic rankings start to come through, but it can be equally important to maintain your PPC positions for keywords to continue to promote the brand and product once you have started to rank. Using PPC alongside Organic rankings allows you to test new keywords within your target market, which in turn can be added to the focus keyword list for your SEO.

To find out more about the Search Marketing solutions that I can offer for your business get in touch for a no obligation proposal.

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